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Importance of Solving Previous Year Question Papers for Maharashtra Board Students

Previous year question papers are considered as an authentic source of information for Class 10 students. Solving previous year papers give students an opportunity to self-evaluate their speed and time management. Previous year question papers also help students in revision. It is advisable to begin practising these last year papers once they are done with their preparation. Students can also self-evaluate their own performance and work on their shortcomings. Many questions from these previous year papers are repeated in the final exam. It is always better to know the preparation level so that students can write the exam with confidence.


Maharashtra Board Class 10 students should practise from Maharashtra Solved SSC Question Papers to know the exact question paper structure and difficulty level. The last year papers will also help students to get an overview of the distribution of marks, important topics and types of questions asked. Students should make it a habit of solving these papers so that they are thorough with the concepts. It also helps them to improve on their weak and strong points. So, once they are done with their syllabus, they should start practising these papers.


Here in this article, we have mentioned a few benefits of solving previous year papers while preparing for the exam.

5 Benefits of Solving Previous Year Question Papers

1. Know the Question Paper Pattern


Solving previous year papers will familiarize students with the question paper pattern and the types of questions asked. It also describes the marking scheme, section-wise weightage, the way of writing answers and important questions. These previous year papers will draw a picture of the final question paper.

2. Brief description of the Syllabus


Previous year questions papers give a brief idea of the prescribed syllabus by the Board. It helps students to revise the syllabus by solving these papers. It gives a quick revision of the crucial topics from the exam perspective.

3. Time Management Skills


By solving the previous year question papers students can improve on their time management skills. When they start solving these last year papers they can note down the timings they took to solve the entire question paper. It is beneficial for students if they can manage their time efficiently.

4. Improves your mistakes


While solving the previous year question papers students can rectify silly mistakes and improve on them. They can work on their mistakes to make sure that they don’t repeat the same mistakes again while solving the final paper. Students can also identify their weaknesses and strengths by solving the previous year papers.

5. Build Confidence


Previous year question papers boost the confidence of the students which help them to excel in their exam. It is considered as a crucial resource for exam preparation. Practise these previous year papers so make exam preparation more efficient.


So, we can say that when it comes to exam preparation the role of previous year papers cannot be avoided. For MSBSHSE Class 10 students while preparing for their upcoming board exam should solve these previous year papers without fail.

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