Joon Faii Ong – Meet the Inventor of The Gyro Glove

Several people across the world suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and other mild to acute conditions of the nervous system. All of these patients have one thing in common- they suffer from an involuntary shaking of hands.  This affects their ability to carry out daily tasks like eating, dressing, bathing, etc., without assistance. They tend to drop things as they do not have a firm grip. This condition is known as essential hand tremors, and unfortunately, medications do not help in controlling them totally.

Joon Faii Ong – A mission to improve the lives of people with essential hand tremors

Keeping the above in mind, Joon Faii Ong, the Founder of Gyro Gear, an eminent name in the field of wearable technology and healthcare, decided to create the Gyro Glove for people with essential hand tremors. The desire to create the innovative glove stemmed from a personal experience he had years ago as a medical student in a London hospital.

After he had completed his graduation, he was assigned to a team to take care of a 103-year -old patient. No one was sure as to what she was suffering from. The team assumed that the patient had a disease that was not diagnosed.

So, he returned later to check the patient only to see her struggling with a bowl of soup. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably, and she spilled most of her soup on her dress.

This was a heart-wrecking sight for him. He asked the nurses about her medications, but they said none seemed to work. This incident shocked him so much that he was determined to improve the lives of patients with essential hand tremors, and this was how he later went on to create the Gyro Glove.

Salient features of the Gyro Glove

Those who have essential tremors cannot rely on medicines for a cure as they do not work. This is why he decided to go back to his days as a young boy where he used to play with spinning tops. If you observe these spinning tops, they spin in an upright position irrespective of the external forces that hit them. They use a unique technology called the gyroscope technology that you often will find in the aviation and aerospace industries. He realized that this same technology could be used for the Gyro Glove that he had in mind.

Joon Faii Ong, with a dedicated team of healthcare specialists and engineers, put his heart and soul into the creation of this unique Gyro Glove that would improve the lives of millions with essential hand tremors. The objective of this glove is to counter any input of force that helps the hand to stay upright. The grip of any object is firm, and the person will not drop it. The glove is compact and is worn like an ordinary glove. It is currently undergoing tests with patients who have essential hand tremors, and so far, the response has been positive and encouraging. Once all these tests are over, the glove will be released in the market to better make those people’s lives with essential hand tremors better