Martin Sanders Discusses The Need Of Following Healthy Habits Throughout Life

With age, the body of a person tends to get weaker and more susceptible to a variety of medical conditions. However, people who are fit and healthy even during their old age are likely to face much lesser medical issues, in comparison to the ones having bad health habits. Martin Sanders especially points out that good nutrition and adequate physical activity can work wonders in keeping a person in good health, no matter their age. While elderly people may not be able to do any strenuous physical activity, they should at least try to do certain basic low-impact exercise, along with maintaining a healthy diet.

Most habits that people form during their childhood are likely to stay with them throughout their life. On the other hand, developing new habits can often prove to be difficult at an old age.  Due to this reason, Martin Sanders points out that people must try and incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle at an early age, so that they can stay with them as they get older. Good nutrition and diet are way more than simply making smart food choices. It also includes the aspect of developing healthy habits around the food itself.

When it comes to healthy habits, exercising, avoiding harmful substances and maintaining a healthy diet are the key practices that one would have to follow. However, not many people have the discipline to follow these practices every day. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially becomes difficult if one already has certain unhealthy habits that they can’t get rid of, such as drinking cold drinks and sleeping right after dinner. To avoid such an eventuality, one should try to gradually incorporate more healthy habits into their lifestyle from their teenage years, when one faces the lesser risk of succumbing to any illness. By doing so, one would be able to gradually form their whole lifestyle around smart, healthy habits, which helps them to stay fit as a fiddle even at an old age. Healthy habits are not only good for the physical well-being of people, but it can also improve their mental and emotional health as well

Eating healthy is among the key practices involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Martin Sanders mentions that as people start to eat nutritious food from a young age, the immunity system of their body shall become more powerful, thereby making them less venerable to various medical conditions. This will ultimately help improve their school performance, as healthy kids are likely to concentrate better in class. All parents must try their best to see to it that their children have more fresh fruits and vegetables, than processed or outside food.  Parents should additionally lead by example, and try to eat healthily themselves, so that their kids learn and follow. This will help ensure better health for both kids and their parents. People should also drink more water all day long, to stay hydrated and keep hunger pangs away.