Menos Hiras – Basketball Tips for Beginners

Basketball is a sport in which two opposing teams of five players compete against a rectangular court. The game’s objective is for one team to throw a ball into a vertical hoop fixed to a backboard. This structure is generally found on their opponent’s side of the court. At the same time, they have to prevent their opponents from doing the same on their end of the court. Every time the players successfully throw the ball into their opponent’s hoop, they earn two points for their team. However, many of them might attempt this shot from beyond a designated three-point line. Then, they score three points for their respective teams.

Menos Hiras– Key tips to learning how to play basketball

Menos Hiras is a sports therapist and aspiring lawyer from New Jersey, America, passionate about professional sports. He explains basketball is a popular sport which many children might want to learn from a young age. These youngsters do not need to spend a fortune on buying the necessary equipment before they start. However, they should acquire the right basketball shoes to avoid injuring the ankles. They need to remember this sport involves plenty of running around and jumping. The footwear they choose should provide adequate support and cushion to their feet. They should even keep in mind the following tips when learning to play basketball:

  • Perform warm-up exercises

Youngsters should perform all the necessary warm-up exercises their basketball coaches instruct them to do. At the same time, they should gradually stretch the various muscles of their bodies. These workouts significantly minimize the chances of them attaining injuries during a practice match. The exercises even help to boost their performance.

  • Become physically fit

Children and youngsters who are eager to learn how to play basketball need to be physically fit. Only then can they build the stamina necessary to play a 40-minute game without suffering fatigue. They should consider going for a run every morning or evening to boost their heart rate and lung capacity. They can even take yoga classes under the supervision of a qualified instructor to enhance their flexibility.

  • Practice

Learners need to remember that they only become proficient at playing basketball through intense practice. They have got to work hard in developing key skills to handle the ball with both hands. These include dribbling, passing the ball accurately to teammates, and shooting it into the hoop.

  • Jumping

Children and youngsters will need to do a lot of jumping in the course of playing basketball. They need to jump high enough to collect the ball from rebounds or block opposing players’ shots. In many instances during a match, they might have to jump to shoot the ball into their opponents’ hoop. Fortunately, they can develop their vertical jumping abilities by performing the exercises their coaches prescribe.

Menos Hiras concludes by saying basketball is an enjoyable sport to learn and play. Youngsters eager to master the game should consider joining a basketball club that employs qualified coaches. These instructors can teach them the rules of the game and develop their skills to become professional players in the future.